Terms & Conditions

 Terms & Conditions of Use for the Artificial Turf Pitch

  1. COVID 19

It is important that both the College and the hirer work in partnership to ensure that the facility can remain available. The College will be undertaking additional cleaning including spraying touch areas and toilets with a 3 month protection spray which instantly kills COVID on impact.

Please ensure the following:

  • Hirers must ensure that all members of the group must not enter the site if they have any symptoms of the virus.
  • Where possible only the coaches should be on site. Parents should drop off at entrances and leave immediately, if they need to be on site and they are asked to remain in their car or in the spectator area.
  • Before entering the facility please ensure that all members gel their hands.
  • All equipment coming on to site must be sterilised before each session.
  • While we cannot insist we would appreciate each group bringing disinfectant wipes with them and wipe down key areas in the toilets and touch points. Suitable PPE equipment should be worn.
  • Should any member of your group experience symptoms after your visit please contact the College immediately on 01276 683539
  • Keep an accurate register of all club members and any other adults who are onsite.

Changing rooms will not be available and must not used until further notice.

  1. Responsibility of Hirer
    • It is the Hirer’s responsibility to leave facilities, entrance areas, toilets/showers and equipment in a satisfactory state and to remove their own rubbish at the end of each booking. The Hirer is responsible for any breakages or damage caused to equipment and/or facilities.
    • On confirmation of booking a copy of your clubs liability insurance policy will need to be supplied to be held on our files, confirming that you have cover for the letting period in accordance with the school conditions of use of up to at least £5 million cover. Evidence of the insurance must be submitted and attached to this form. If not a charge of 15% will be added.
    • Smoking & alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the school grounds. For the benefit of all our customers and local residents we would ask that you do not use foul or abusive language whilst at the facility.
    • Only service animals are admitted to the site. It is the responsibility of the booking to inform all attendees/visitors of site restrictions.
    • No food, drink or chewing gum to be consumed on the pitch, no cans or glass bottles to be taken onto the carpet. Water & sports drinks should be in plastic bottles please dispose of in the bins provided.
    • Any dispute relating to the hire of the facility will be referred to the Head Teacher.
    • Variations to this contract agreed by the Hirer and the Management group may be made when the contract is renewed.
    • Guests and other visitors should be made aware of these conditions and regulations and are the responsibility of the hirer at all times whilst on site.
    • The person making the booking will be responsible for payment and behaviour of all members of their group and any damage caused by group members.
    • The person making the booking is responsible for the parking by group members on the site. Groups are expected to follow the site traffic system, park only within marked bays, keep drop-off zone clear and respect other users. Parking is not permitted on any grass area. Please ensure cars do not exceed the 5mph speed limit,
    • Bookings must respect the facility and community. This includes vacating the facilities promptly and quietly, not to cause any purposeful damage or to deface any of the facilities and surrounding area, no foul language to be used and disposing of any litter in the bins provided.
    • The site will be left clean & in good order, all rubbish placed in the bins provided. The hirer shall reimburse any costs incurred by Camberley Community Sports Pitch in cleaning or repairing the pitch necessary to ensure that the pitch is sufficiently clean & safe for normal use by the school & other hirers.
    • A Hirer must not sub-let to another party.
    • The CCSP take no responsibility for First Aid provision. Hirers are recommended to provide their own First Aid cover at events.
    • No climbing on the gates or fences.
  • The hirer may not modify, carry out maintenance or place signs on the pitch without written approval from CCSP.
  • Hockey goals are NOT to be used for football. The movement of any goals should be kept to the outer blue edges & should be lifted & rolled as the dragging of the equipment could cause damage to the carpet.
  1. Disclosure / Qualification
    • All adults either coaching or helping with junior bookings must hold a current, satisfactory disclosure check and appropriate level of qualification. By signing the booking form, you are confirming that all adults coaching or helping have both. Adults who are either going through disclosure or have yet to go through disclosure should not take part in sessions until the disclosure process has been satisfactorily completed. This is the responsibility of the booking. If you require assistance for your group in relation to disclosure or qualifications, please contact the College.
  1. Payment
    • All bookings must be paid by bank transfer or standing order. Payments not made by the 1st of each month will be subject to review by the management group with the possibility of cancellation.
    • Block Bookings will receive regular invoices in advance. All payment queries must be sent to bookings@camberleyastro.co.uk.
  1. Usage Policy
    • Bookings are not granted on a first come first served basis. Each application is evaluated against our community usage policy. As a result all bookings are reviewed by end May. For more information please contact the College.
  1. Cancellations
    • If payment is not received as described above, the booking will be reviewed by the College and may be subject to cancellation with a minimum of 7 days’ notice in writing from the College or Camberley Community Astro Pitch.
    • The College or Camberley Community Astro Pitch reserve the right to refuse admission, or to evict, any person from the facility.
    • Should The Kings International College require any area of their facility that is normally used by a block booking for the purposes of a special event or similar, the College or Camberley Community Astro Pitch will inform any block bookings affected with a minimum of 7 days notice in writing.
    • No cancellations will be accepted within the block booking period. It is the responsibility of the block booking applicant to ensure that each weeks’ activity is paid for irrespective of use or not.
    • Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstance and requests in writing must be addressed to Camberley Astro, Kings International College, Watchetts Drive, Camberley, GU15 2PQ. Or sent to bookings@camberleyastro.co.uk.
    • Kings International College or Camberley Community Astro Pitch has the right to cancel bookings due to severe weather conditions/ emergency repairs making the facility unsafe and will notify the booking as soon as the decision is made. If the booking cancels without the centre deeming the facilities unsafe; the booking will be charged as normal.
    • Any block booking applicant wishing to terminate their entire block booking must forward their request in writing to bookings@camberleyastro.co.uk no later than 28 days before the requested termination date. All outstanding fees must be paid up to date before the termination request will be accepted.
  1. Charges
    • Charges include floodlights, electricity, water, gas and VAT. Where applicable.
  1. Booking Time
    • Bookings must finish five minute before the advertised end time, for example 5.00pm to 5.55pm to ensure there is a smooth and quick turnaround for teams. Teams must not enter the facility until the other booking has left the area.
    • The schedule of date & time, facility and equipment to be let must be indicated on this form. All periods of hire are inclusive of setting up and setting down time.  This should be remembered when making bookings.
  1. Liability
    • Kings International College nor Camberley Community Astro Pitch will not be held liable for accident to person(s) or loss of property by any person or organisation during or in connection with bookings at any of the facilities at Kings International College. Anyone entering or using the facility does so at his or her own risk, and the Management group accept no liability in respect of any loss, damage or injury, howsoever caused. It is the hirer’s responsibility to undertake a risk assessment of their activities and provide to the centre.  Any accidents that do occur should be noted in the facility accident book available in the centre.
  1. Supervision
    • If you organise a child’s booking (Under 16) please ensure parents or responsible adults accompany their children into the facility and are responsible for their safety before and after the booking.
    • The Hirer shall be responsible for the prevention of overcrowding such as would endanger public safety and for keeping clear all gangways, passages and fire exits. The Hirer shall be responsible for providing adequate supervision to maintain order and good conduct
  1. Footwear
    • Players should wear appropriate footwear; stated upon entrance to each facility.
    • No football boots in inside areas.
    • NO STUDS to be worn (molded soles or blades are not suitable) correct, clean footwear, ie. astro turf boots or trainers, must be worn. CCSP operates a 2 strike rule, if the hirer continues to breach this rule on the third strike the individual will be asked to leave the pitch area, there after the hirer.
  1. Additional Facilities
    • Bookings and visitors are permitted to use toilet facilities in the Sports Centre.

Failure to adhere to these booking terms & conditions will result in cancellation of your bookings.

CCSP Booking Terms Conditions